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Rajah Cloth


Rajah cloth a chemically treated pressing cloth used for permanent steam ironing. Perfect for ironing in or taking out pleats and tucks on skirts, trousers, ties, uniforms etc., without having to dampen with sponge or spray.

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  1. Makes ironing easy!

    Posted by Conrad on 4th Jan 2021

    I've been looking for a Rajah Cloth for years!
    Putting creases in or taking them out, it is fantastic!

  2. I learned something else!

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Jul 2020

    I admit, ironing is not my strong suit. I have a tendency to burn and melt stuff. I had never heard of a rajah cloth before, so I studied the concept online.

    This is going to make things a lot easier!! No longer will I have to dig around for odd bits of fabric to use as ironing cloths. This one is treated to make it more effective.

    I look forward to improved ironing with fewer disasters!

  3. An Oldie but Goodie!

    Posted by Linda Joseph on 9th Jun 2016

    This is the best pressing cloth I have used. I had one many years ago but wore it out. I am thrilled to find this old favourite again. Very reliable result every time.